viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

White Sands, New Mexico

To conclude our trip, we made one last stop at a site really incredible, exceptional, there are no words to describe such a large magnificidad, grandeur and beauty as that of a sandy desert completely white. He appeared to be in the Himalayan montañanas completely snowfall and yet we find ourselves in the same desert.
To not vary aventurilla we had another, this time with the police, it turns out that this desert is less than 100 km from the border with Mexico, so we must pass a check and I did not carry my passport so we stopped one while and were checking my identity, which I will tell you that no sepais obsession with the safety of Americans.

For a moment we thought we were not íban to let go, it would have been a real pity, but we finally did step. As you counted, this desert seems more snowy mountains that podais well imagine that simulate again, and without that skiabamos skies, and as if it were saltabamos in that mountain.

As you can see in this photograph the dunes were big enough to practice some declines funny. With respect to temperature again for this area in the south has made us heat, so that with respect to this issue are happy. One thing not so funny is that this place is that the sand gets everywhere as the sand so we ended up with sand by all parts of our body and our clothes and of course the car.

As this sand is formed to root plaster, explaining why it is white, a long time after having been there, the car appeared in plaster rocks solidified as a result of the accumulated sand and posteriormete together by moisture.

After this place we had planned to go to San Antonio and Austin, but we were too tired to continue visiting places and the truth is that as both are very close to Houston, because we thought that we could go in any other direction and opportunity and put home to rest.

Here I leave with you a couple of pictures of a nice contrast to the trunks of trees in the upper and tree with leaves and dry at the bottom.

December 2007

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