viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada

Who has not ever heard of Las Vegas? Maybe any of the other places where I have been previously habíais never previously heard of them, but in Las Vegas.

Famous for its casinos, gambling, vice, lust, everything in this city prompted to sin and spend money, but at the end of the day is maybe one of the cities that best embodies the concept that the rest of the world has of American culture, and that somehow has some truth, but not entirely.

But even so, is a spectacular place to visit, especially at night, is probably the only place in which you can be in a lot of cities, even countries in the same night, I say on the same night, in a couple hours. You can visit New York, Paris, Venice, Egypt .... However catches a 5-minute walk. And even to be even more entangled, you can have lunch or dinner in an Italian restaurant in New York while in Las Vegas, almost nothing, because we did something well, but in an Asian restaurant in New York, when actually we were in Las Vegas. There I leave with you some other photo sigais for traveling with us.

December 2007

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