viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Venice, Los Angeles, California

We are on the beaches of the movie with Baywatch, the people rollerblading, walking, dancing, riding a bike, playing different sports, tennis, basketball, even a gym outdoors, many people surfing ... Film is complete. We have given it paseito bike to feel more integrated.

We spent the day here rebound, that trying to enter a parking lot and I did not realise I got to the car in the opposite direction, and it is here that are a little bit what has been saying bastards to say and have stronger posts some steel spikes about 20 cm so that I have rajado 2 wheels of the car and I still have to give thanks to God that they have not been the 4, so we had to call a Crane that has led us to a workshop, and we had to leave the car for us to repair it, but good again as is the camera lens, nothing that can not be solved with money, the important thing is that we remain good. So forgetting that little detail we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

December 2007

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