viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Bridges National Monument, UTAH

To reach this national park, we had to atrevesar a dirt road that climbed over the mountains so incredible, without any protection and close like few I have seen before in my life, apparently there was another way better, but as we are guided by GPS and we indicated there because we were out there.

We did another day of amazing cold, but again we do not have snow, so with a good forrito, guates, hat, etc., because pa lante as of Alicante. In the wilderness stone bridges are formed in a natural way, this fairly cool, but there was not a soul, as we agreed with on Christmas Eve and the park was closed, that we had not informed anyone or anything, but this cool, it left open if you want to go through your mind, so that is what we did, we are just a couple of Japanese taking photos of those you are anywhere to go, even if the order of the world, and a tipillo with his truck volswagen estilillo hippy, and that it was also surprisingly Japanese.

Only I leave with you some more pictures here to enjoy that.

December 2007

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