viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Houston, Texas (Christmas Trip)

We have had to begin a long journey that will take us to travel 4,500 miles or what is the same 7,500 km in the southern United States from east to west, starting in the city in which we live now, Houston. They are Christmas and while the entire world is with his family, we have to make a journey of adventure, and to get passed a lot. We got along bicycles to enjoy the wilderness that we are to our long adventure. From time despite our departure and if it is hot and December in Houston is that the temperature is terribly hot, you can barely move cold here.

December 2007

Route 66, New Mexico

Well, we started the journey well after bringing a lot of hours driving cansadisimos us, we are in the middle of nowhere and not find a hotel or sleeping, so we were left to sleep in the car and that was our surprise to wake up to in the middle of the night were all dead of cold and snowy -20 ° C, so we back on track with the car to go into heat with heating, but at the speed of the horse's bad, that we were without chains and with all the snow-covered roads. I was all full of cars by the wayside to be leaving, so even more carefully yet. But we had to continue heading toward the Great Canyon that was our first destination.

December 2007

Route 66 Willians,Arizona

Well, after a long walk finally arrived at Willians, a town on the flanks of the large canyon where we are staying overnight. A town through which the route passes 66 and that it is authentic film. He was also snow and temperatures not descended, but continued completely frozen as was the beginning of the trip and we had to win some incredible to see the Grand Canyon, neither cold nor absolutely nothing, could have our animo.

The photo above is the legendary Route 66, which passes through the middle of town, as not with the American flag much like to have here for everywhere. On the left of the typical American car of the 60 and 70. And as we were in the Old West as they were going to miss the baqueros because there we were throwing some challenges and some tirillos, we were lucky and were able to get out alive of all the challenges that we had to face that night but everything brings its consequences and ....... ..... Therefore clear Uncle Sam walks buscandonos the length and breadth of the entire US

December 2007

Grand Canyon, Arizona

At last we are in the Grand Canyon, we lifted at 6:00 am, ie 6 in the morning and makes a cold dying, but that is what he played wanted to see if sunrise in the Grand Canyon.

It has paid off, the views are spectacular and Garn Canyon is immense. The only pity is that the cold is very difficult and not down the Canyon, gives us time to download and upload the day, the only way is down quedándose to sleep in a shelter down there, but you have to make reservations six months in advance so we could not get off. We also would have liked to have done but we were rafting on the same had it down, and this also had to be booked in even more time, dammit because if there is to know where you come, if you want to make Rafting must be booked in 2 years in advance.

But the truth is good that we have enjoyed a lot, we had a very good day, we are not going to have snow that is not enough. We passed very well eating some chairs in which we find ourselves, in a spectacular vantage point overlooking the canyon, it seems to us because there were a pole of the Grand Canyon. We have dinner on the veranda watching the sun was made.

Once that was done at night, we are off to our next destination while taking advantage had not distrutar light of the hearings to drive and advance our way. Our next destination is the Navajo National Monument, but we have entered wrong with the GPS and we lost, so we are in the middle of nowhere again, and with a cold ball, we were late and has not found any people , so we parked to see a wall at a petrol station that seems to be avandonada and we put our camp in the car, and so we spent the night.

December 2007

Navajo National Monumet, Arizona

Well, this is the place where the Indians lived Navajos precolombinos. The truth is that it curraron and hicierons some chozillas majas, how we could catch a well in Madrid with expensive than this soil. On the temperature nothing to comment as this is already the subject, poor Indians in loincloths and with this cold, would find some form of heating. This is full of Indians by all sites, are now more modernized in their trucks and their Ipod, and not go with feathers, but they remain Indians. We continue towards the Monument Valley.

December 2007