viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

New Orleans, Luisiana

This was my first trip outside Texas, from which came to live in Houston. It was a weekend week with three other colleagues and friends from the office.

We decided to come to New Orleans, among other things because it is the closest destinations and is totally different to what can be found in Texas in terms of environmental concerns.

Conduct for nearly six hours and on arrival we went to take something and see the progress. The streets were full of people drinking, singing, dancing ... The truth is that if it were not for who was in the United States I would not be surprised by anything, because in my country is very normal, but for us it was a great novelty here. There was a tremendous ambientazo, so we will spend well.
The next morning a couple of us madrugamos something more to go see with a little detail that the city truly worthwhile. It seemed a European city rather than American, and it is normal for the impact of both Spain and France since they both belonged in that order.
November 2007

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