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New York, NY

To start a fotillo Museum of Natural Sciences in New York. A place that should not be missed if you pass by this city, it is certainly impressive A small tip for fans of the series Friends, here is where Ross works.
Well, it's January and taking advantage of the Martin Luther King Bridge, we have to spend 3 days at New York. Thank goodness we warned that the cold was going to do and we came prepared, that my mother to have died frozen.

The first day, for a change already been delayed because of the planes, less evil, which pre-empt a flight and we won a couple of hours, even so, we arrived late, but thankfully good, the hotel was pretty central and we find fast. We have been visiting many things like Ground Zero where were the twin tower, an impressively large, nothing more data, after 6 years since the tragedy follows even without rebuild anything.
We went up course to the Empire State, which is where these photos are made in view of New York. If someone you know not the name of the building, is where the famous skyscraper rises from where King Kong and fight with the aircraft. After you pull the twin towers is the highest along with the Rockefeler Center.

We were also visiting Wal Street, the famous financial centre, which makes all the bags in the world go up or down and that brings me head. Vistamos also Brooklin, why I leave with you a couple of photos of his famous bridge with the financial center of skylines in the background. Together with them, also a photo of Atlas, at the foot of one of the many skyscrapers of New York.

Another day took a boat to surround the entire island of Manhattan and go to the Statue of Liberty. If by now if it was cold in the boat or can not make you an idea of who went cold, but good for the picture in which we left with the skyscrapers of substance, the worst you can get an idea of wind that made by we have hair. The Statue of Liberty, is fine, but is not as big or at least I do not care how it appeared, the truth is that for which has been in Paris and has seen that there are therefore equal, but a little bigger, but since these clear here, how you are not going to go to visit? therefore is a must.

The truth is that the views from the boat were very nice and we enjoyed a lot, but much of the trajecto we had to do it from the part covered by the wind and cold.

Another thing we did was take the typical tourist tour, the bus is in all cities and that gives you turns throughout the city. The truth is that I am not very friendly these things, but in a city so big, with so many things to see and so little time, it was a good idea is the truth. In addition one of the good things that had is that you could go up and down every time you want, which, we were going to visit all the points by passing.

Here some pictures from Brookling left on the other side of Manhattan, the fund's financial centre Manhattan, both day and night.

Another of the visits required in New York, is Chinatown, the largest Chinese community in the world outside China. The truth is that if we do not know that those in New York, perfecatamente think that these passing day in Beijing, Shanghai or rather, since this is a city more cosmopolitan and more parecidad to New York. On all sides there were no more than Chinese, speaking their language, food and places with Chinese tradition, a geto total, is a piece of China embedded in the largest city in the United States.

We ate there and ate something in life had tested previously, but was rich, then entered to take a hot chocolate, which is not to be very typical of China, but to enter into heat, the truth is that it's great. We were in many more places, but I leave with you some more photo of one of the most famous, such as Times Square and Central Park, a place of nature, trees and filled with people doing sport, especially running and riding a bicycle in the middle of a cloud of skyscrapers.

January 2008

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